1935 Dodge Half-Ton Lacks Essential Pickup Truck Part at the Rear, Looks Complete Even So


In our time, the name Dodge is synonymous with muscle cars only. Sure, we’ve got the Durango SUV to go with the Challenger and Charger, but we do know that can be muscle too. so… There was a time though when Dodge represented far more than just a three-vehicle brand. A time when it made something America has an incredible love for, namely pickup trucks. In fact, well into the modern age, trucks were one of company’s main products, as who can forget it was the Dodge Ram that was spun off into a separate brand dedicated to this type of vehicle? Dodge began making trucks as far back as 1914, and the models of those early years are still desirable for some car collectors. Enough so that old Dodge pickups with modern touches are still being sold from garages all over America. We found this 1935 example sitting on the lot of cars sold by Classic Auto Mall. Street rodded to some degree, it wears a price tag that is higher than what Dodge is asking for its entry-level muscle cars today, namely $37,000. For that, the future owner gets a purple machine with some sort of airbrush art on its body, riding on 14-inch wheels up front and 15-inch ones at the rear, and an interior, accessible by means of suicide doors, that comes in gray vinyl, purple paint cut wood, and touches of chrome. Making the truck stand out in the crowd is the lack of a tailgate to hide the teak, mahogany and chrome bed at the rear. Somehow, the unnamed builder of this truck managed to integrate the lack of a tailgate perfectly into the design, giving one the feeling that’s how the thing was supposed to be from the get-go. At the opposite end, the open hood hides a 350ci (5.7-liter) crate engine of undisclosed power, rocking 4-barrel Edelbrock carburetors and a 4-speed manual transmission. According to the garage selling this, there are no miles on the engine since the build was completed.