1936 International in Corvette Daytona Yellow Is Bad for the Eyes


For better or worse, the pre-owned and custom markets are filled with pickup trucks of old. The majority of them are half-tons made by either Chevrolet or Ford post-1940s, and you rarely get to see something else. Pre-dating both Chevy’s and Ford’s machines, but also the war, this here 1936 International pickup truck is sure to cause a stir among those looking for something extremely rare to add to their collection. Keeping most of the original design that makes it look so appealing in a time when most pickup trucks, no matter their maker, are designed pretty much in the same way, the project is described as a pro-build that cut no corners when it comes to upgrades, but also kept the all-steel bodywork intact in the process. From a design standpoint, the pickup is absolutely beautiful, as all 1930s cars are, but the choice of colors kind of rob it of its appeal; after all, this thing hardly needed such large quantities of a bright yellow to stand out in a crowd. Starting from the ground up, we get whitewall tires wrapped around blue rims, then an unhealthy amount of Corvette Daytona Yellow, and a bright orange pinstripe to separate that from the Volkswagen Electric Blue that wraps around the hood and the cabin. And some chrome and black into the mix, and you’re left with a true assault on the senses. Inside, the colors chosen are black and blue, and it is here where one gets to see the modern aspects of the build. We get a Vintage Air A/C and a Kenwood stereo system, among others, somehow integrated into a cabin that has a very retro feel to it. Under the long hood, the pickup truck hides a 350ci (5.7-liter) engine of Chevrolet make, with an Edelbrock carburetor to feed it and a dual exhaust system to help it breathe. A 3-speed automatic transmission is on deck to control an undisclosed amount of power. The 1936 International pickup is listed for sale by a dealer called Harwood Motors. With close to 5,000 miles (8,000 km) on the clock, the truck is selling for $39,900.