1937 Indian Junior Scout Is a Beautiful Vintage Machine No One Can Properly Enjoy


Going neck and neck with Harley-Davidson for more than a century now in terms of sales and public prestige, Indian is probably not as visible as its rival on the custom motorcycle scene. Yet what it lacks there the brand more than makes up for when talking about the vintage two-wheelers that have somehow eluded the passage of time. In today’s world, finding a valuable Indian from the early decades of last century may not be easy, but when the right machine gets discovered, and then made available for sale, collectors go out of their way to get their hands on it. And there are few better places to do that than the Mecum motorcycle auction, one of the largest of its kind, which takes place each year in Las Vegas, at the end of January. It is there where in January 2022 this matching numbers, restored and glamorous Indian Junior Scout is offered to the highest bidder. Wrapped in a hue called regal blue. and with the proper amount and carefully balanced touches of gold, the bike comes with the promise of original hardware brought to working order with the use of proper replacement parts. The bike is powered by a rebuilt 30ci side-valve V-Twin engine, rocking new bearings, pistons, rings valves, springs, guides, and tied to a 3-speed transmission, it too remade with new gears. One also gets the big Indian logo on the side of the fuel tank, a leather seat, and that’s about it, really, as, sadly, the one who will buy this motorcycle will not get to have fun riding it on public roads or highways – the thing is suitable solely for display purposes. That major obstacle will probably not stop collectors from going nuts over it, especially considering how the Indian sells with no reserve. The seller, who is offering it on a Bill of Sale, does not say how much he expects to fetch for it.