1959 Chevrolet Apache Has the Barn Find Look, Is Actually Mostly New


The truck we have here just found that new life, after it got into the hands of an unknown crew able and willing to give it a second chance. Officially titled 1959 Chevrolet Apache, the build still has the scars of its past here and there, but those were left on purpose, because there’s nothing cooler than a truck that’s been through a lot.

The Apache is a name we no longer have around. Born back in the 1950s in the Task Force family of bowtie trucks, it didn’t stand out all that much in the crowd of pickups back in its day. In modern times though, it is one of the favorite ingredients for incredible builds.

Sadly, we do not know the full story of this truck, where it spent its life, whether it was cared for or simply abandoned for long stretches of time. What we do know is that it is now on the lot of cars going under the Mecum hammer over the weekend in Chattanooga, selling with an undisclosed reserved.

The rat rod-ish, barn find-ish truck is powered by a rebuilt 327ci (5.3-liter) engine of unspecified power, tied to an automatic transmission. Aluminum heads, a serpentine system, and new intake manifold have all been used when remaking the powerplant.

The exterior of the build mixes the unmistakable appearance of the Apache with shiny bits of chrome, but also with patches of more or less worn-down drown to make it look attractively bad.

Inside though, that impression completely shifts to one of awe, as opening the doors reveals Stryker bucket seats in black leather, a banjo steering wheel at the end of a chrome column, a center console, and even LED interior lights.

As per the listing, the truck is selling with a rebuilt branding on the title, and no estimate as to how much it is expected to fetch is made.