1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Was Stored in a Barn with the Rear Exposed, Not Really That Bad


Say what you want about the 1964 Impala SS, but you can’t deny this was a really handsome car. Hitting the streets as the second most expensive Chevrolet, the ’64 Impala came with little changes as compared to its predecessors. The same thing for engines, that is. The standard unit was the already-famous 230 (3.7-liter) Turbo Thrift with 140 horsepower, and just like before, this was the perfect engine for anyone looking for the Impala coolness in an economical package. But of course, the GM brand had a little something for everything, so the Impala could also be ordered with plenty of V8 engines. The standard choice was the 283 (4.7-liter) Turbo-Fire with 195 horsepower. The first entry on the options list was the 327 (5.3-liter) with either 250 or 300 horsepower, followed by the 409 (6.7-liter) big-block with 340, 400, or 425 horsepower. Needless to say, the 425-horsepower version was the perfect choice for an Impala SS. On the other hand, the SS that we have here was born with a 327 under the hood, though right now, it no longer rocks this engine. And it’s all because the car has spent way too many years in a barn, so the 327 ended up in a condition that made it impossible to rebuild. eBay seller mikep7021 says this Impala has been sitting in that barn since 1993, and the rear of the car has actually been left exposed to the bad weather outside. This means the vehicle ended up struggling with all kinds of rust issues, but the owner has managed to deal with all of them. In other words, this Impala has already started its adventure to get back on the road, and most of the metalwork has been completed by the current owner. It will still be a challenge to fully restore the car, and the seller has a detailed list of what needs to be fixed or replaced and what doesn’t on the eBay auction page. The bidding is underway as we speak, with the top offer already exceeding $4,000.