1965 Chevrolet Impala SS Looks Like It Didn’t Survive a Kitten Attack, Shiny Engine Inside


1965 was a pretty big year for the Impala nameplate, as it represented not only the moment when the fourth-generation model got to see the daylight, but also the one when this Chevy set a new important record in the United States.

Chevrolet Impala was the first car in GM’s domestic market to sell more than 1 million units in a single year, so it goes without saying that the 1965 model has become a highly desirable model that many collectors would want to park in their garage.

Finding a ’65 Impala in mint condition isn’t that hard, but if you want to go the more difficult route, you can always buy a project car and restore it yourselves.

The example we have here is therefore worth checking out if this is your plan too, as the vehicle comes as a project car requiring a full restoration. The Craigslist seller, however, hasn’t provided too many details about this Impala, so you should reach out to them for more information and a visual inspection.

We’re being told the Impala comes with the typical rust, especially because the vehicle has most likely been sitting for a long time, though on the other hand, the floors are said to be in a good condition.

The interior, however, looks like it didn’t survive a kitten attack, and the ripped seats will probably have to be replaced completely.

As for what’s under the hood, this is as mysterious as it gets. The seller has forgotten to share any engine specifics, but judging by the photos, there’s a shiny new unit in the bay, possibly as the owner already started a restoration and rebuilt the engine.

The bad news is the car comes with a rather hefty price tag. The seller expects to get at least $16,000 for this Impala, so it remains to be seen if anyone is willing to pay that much, especially given its current condition.