1965 Chevy Impala With Cool, Twirled Side Exhaust Feels Recently Rediscovered


There are exceedingly rare, best-case scenarios when people get to do exactly what they love. Sometimes, the planets do align, or some other little miracle happens, and everything looks swell. Of course, we might be overjoyed by passing into a completely new year with lofty expectations. But it seems that automotive virtual artist Dom Host, aka the pixel master behind the altered_intent account on social media, is living his dream. He not only creates impressive projects out of imagination, but he’s also a prolific Rat Rod builder. He currently has a couple of live projects that he documents on his YouTube channel, one of them being a Toyota 2JZ-swapped FoMoCo Edsel station wagon! That one alone should serve as a hint towards this artist’s gloriously nutty ideas. Now, there is no need to imagine what stems from his fictional virtual world because he’s also a highly fertile automotive virtual artist. With a knack for upsetting the purists, of course, just like in real life. And an extremely specific “derelict-kind-of-everything” style. But here is the thing. His latest creation, which got him “feeling some type of way” during the initial presentation seems to have grown big on him. That is because the next day he also made a behind-the-scenes video (also embedded below) to highlight his love for the project. Frankly, it kind of grew on us as well. And that got us thinking that just like many original Impala legends, maybe this would also be rediscovered one day. Either as a dreamy project or even as the author’s next real-world idea. Then, it would sit hidden for decades and our successors would find it and get mesmerized by the quirky way of restomodding icons back in the early decades of the 21st century. Anyway, everyone could find something interesting about this Chevy. Beyond the already traditional motorsport-inspired style, the “I.M.P.O.S.T.E.R” name, or the slammed widebody looks. I, for example, got my jaw dropped when seeing the cool, dual-twirled side exhaust setup!