1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Still Has Original Prairie Bronze, Also Some Rust


Sure, before the pony can reach the status mentioned above, it would need a bit of work—okay, maybe more than just a bit, but, after all, this is how restomod tales are built.

Meanwhile, we can tell you the Blue Oval machine is a 1965 model that comes with a 302 ci (5.0L)—that’s right you ‘Stang aficioandos, this V8 wasn’t offered until the 1967 revamp (we’re talking about the first major facelift of the model, which saw this getting slightly larger to be able to accept big-block muscle, among others).

In fact, Instagram label classicamericancars4sale, who brought this machine to our attention (note that this isn’t the seller), mentions we’re looking at an A-code car. That means this ’65 left the factory with a four-barrel version of the 289 ci (4.7L) V8.

Oh, and to keep those analog feelings mentioned in the intro alive, we’ll mention there’s a four-speed auto in this mix.

The vehicle is listed as “very complete”, which sounds like music to a builder’s ears unless you’re planning to cut up the car and turn into one of those extreme projects that keep us awake at night and do the same for purists, albeit giving them some, um, less positive vibes.

Underneath all that rust there should be the original Prairie Bronze, ot at least some traces of it, but we can’t say the same about the factory tan interior—not only has the latter been replaced with a black take, but the latter is no longer fit for, well, any sort of purpose you can think of.

The vehicle, which comes with a clean California title—this is currently spending its days in Brentwood—is offered for $23,800, and while it will obviously require some serious elbow grease, having the parts present is a bonus.