1965 Mustang Sitting for Years Looks Bad at First, Not That Bad at Closer Inspection


There are plenty of Mustangs out there waiting to be restored, but on the other hand, many come with pretty much the same problems: plenty of rust, missing engines or key parts, and more often than not, in a condition that makes a full restoration quite a nightmare. The 1965 Mustang that we have here might seem a very challenging project car at first, but on the other hand, it’s really not as bad as it looks. Let’s start with the obvious. This Mustang clearly doesn’t come in the tip-top shape that would turn it into a collector’s dream, and obviously, it comes with the typical rust you’d expect on such an old car. In plain English, this Mustang needs nothing else than a full restoration, but on the other hand, this doesn’t mean it’s a complete wreck. The interior looks to be in pretty good condition, and given the age of the car, this is rather surprising. However, not everything is original on this Mustang, and once you open the hood, you’ll come across some pretty disappointing news if you hoped to get the factory unit. The Mustang now comes with a 302 (4.9-liter) under the hood, but obviously, this isn’t the original engine installed by Ford. The 302 was introduced for the model year 1968, and according to the VIN, this Mustang was born with the optional 289 (4.7-liter) rated at 200 horsepower. This unit came with a 2-barrel carburetor, while a 4-barrel sibling produced 225 horsepower. So at the end of the day, this Mustang is a project car that should be used for a restomod unless you can easily find the correct engine and transmission. The vehicle isn’t cheap either, as eBay seller fordiesel13 wants to get no less than $5,000 for this Mustang, despite its rough condition and the unexpected engine under the hood.