1966 Ford Mustang Sitting in a Barn for a Very Long Time Comes Alongside a Rusty Brother


Barn find Mustangs are the best Mustangs, even if in some cases, bringing them back on their wheels is a very challenging process, even for diehard car aficionados out there.

And the person who will end up giving this ’66 Mustang a second chance is definitely a brave human, especially given its current condition after spending what the owner describes as “a long, long time” in a barn.

As you could easily guess, the car doesn’t come in a mint condition, and restoring it will be quite a challenge not just because it sports the expected amount of rust but also due to the missing parts. eBay seller milionsfan says the car comes with a six-cylinder under the hood, yet the transmission is no longer there.

The 1966 Mustang was offered with a 200 (4.3-liter) Thriftpower that replaced the previous 170 (2.8-liter) unit, so the output was this time raised to 120 horsepower. Of course, it’s not necessarily the best engine for a ’66 Mustang, but given it’s the original unit, it’s still a neat piece of automotive history that nobody would mind having in their daily driver.

The good news is this barn find comes alongside another ‘66 Mustang, this time a convertible, and while its condition is challenging as well, at least it features both an engine and a transmission. The convertible can be purchased for only $500 extra by whoever ends up buying the first Mustang.

Are these cars worth a second chance? Of course they are, not only because they’re both Mustangs but, really now, there are plenty of rust buckets out there that end up being restored, so there’s no reason why these two gems wouldn’t get some love too.

The asking price, however, could be a problem. The owner is willing to let the first Mustang go for $5,000, and worth emphasizing is the car isn’t being sold as part of an auction but comes with a fixed price. It’s parked in Free Soil, Michigan, should you want to check it out live.