1968 Dodge Charger Is Here to Take Your Mind Off the Unchanging, Modern 4-Door Muscle Car


Not long ago, American carmaker Dodge spilled the beans on the changes for the Charger in the 2022 model year. Or, should we say the change, as the single most important addition to the lineup is the availability, as standard, of the Deluxe Security alarm of several Charger models.

That means America’s only four-door muscle car gets to live on at least another year in the exact same configuration as before, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, why go fixing something that doesn’t need fixing?

But that’s the modern Charger we’re talking about, as the old ones, dating all the way back to the nameplate’s beginnings as a two-door muscle car, are of course in need of help to stand out in the crowd. And the particular R/T from 1968 we have here got more than its share of that.

It’s nicknamed Back ‘N Black on account of the many ways this color was used on it. We’re dealing with a machine from the second generation of the breed, brought to modern-day standards by what is described as a restoration to high-performance specifications.

Riding on 20-inch wheels, the car hides under the fiberglass hood a “pro-built balanced and blueprinted” 540ci stroker engine of undisclosed capabilities, but running Hughes Victor heads and a 4-speed manual transmission with Hurst pistol-grip shifter.

Inside, the Charger rocks high-back seats with red trim, the only other color outside of the chrome on the wheels used on the vehicle. The interior red matches the one used to draw the red stripes that wrap around the rear end.

As you see it, this muscle car is going under the Barrett-Jackson hammer later this week in Houston. The car sells with no reserve, and no estimate is made on how much it is expected to fetch.