1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS All Motor Big Block Build Sounds and Looks Angry


“So that, to you, is mild horsepower, huh?” The question was asked by Shawn Davis, the host of the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel and overall can fanatic who currently owns and operates a premium automotive storage and concierge facility.

A what? Forget about that since we’re not here to talk about Shawn – as interesting as his life story might be (he played in a rock band in the ’80s, which should say it all) – but rather the car that prompted him to make that somewhat ironic exclamation.

It’s a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS finished in silver with black accents and chromed trim, as well as a set of custom-made ten-spoke wheels. The fact it’s not a clean 1969 Camaro SS is immediately evident, but there’s another thing that strikes you the moment your eyes fall on the car: you’re not in the least bothered by that.

When somebody takes the liberty to alter the looks of what is undeniably a classic car, it can irk a few people. Of course, you’ll probably find purists who will smirk at this Camaro too, but for the vast majority, it’s just a tasteful enhancement of the original – akin to making something great even better.

Well, the profanation extends beyond the Camaro’s appearance. No, it’s not the interior – that’s been restored almost entirely to its original specs. It’s the engine. This Camaro hides a 502ci (8.2-liter) big-block V8 that puts out a very respectable 650 hp. Yes, this is the kind of power its owner, Tony, calls “mild”.

Shawn’s rhetorical question came after a very short acceleration pull where the huge engine demonstrated its might. But even more impressive than its power is the way it sounds. It has a host of custom parts, including a bespoke complete exhaust system, all of which concur to give confer it a unique character.

Speaking of the sound the Chevy makes, the guys even joke about the fact it’s got a cassette player instead of a modern sound system. It may seem weird considering all the money that went into building this car, but then again, who listens to music when you have the best soundtrack coming from an 8.2-liter speaker sitting just a few inches away from you? Besides, you’d have to raise the volume to insane heights to cover that sound, so what’s the point? With that said, grab a set of headphones and hit the play button below to hear the goodies yourself.