1969 Ford Mustang Barn Find Runs and Drives, Looks Ready for a New Adventure


Barn finds don’t always bring good news, but as far as this 1969 Ford Mustang is concerned, the car that’s about to get a second chance is as impressive as it gets. This Mustang comes in a pretty solid condition, and while there are obviously things that need to be fixed, its overall shape makes it a very good candidate for such a project. First and foremost, it’s pretty clear from the photos included in the gallery that the rust isn’t necessarily a big concern this time. Sure, there are a few spots here and there that require small repairs, but other than that, the body seems as solid as it gets. The Mustang flexes a new floor pan and a fuel tank, but eBay seller redd-3 explains it also requires brake repairs and additional work around the back window. The most surprising tidbit is the condition of the engine. While the seller hasn’t shared any information as to how long this Mustang has been in hiding, a working engine is, without a doubt, good news for pretty much everybody. This time, however, the Mustang comes with a 302 (4.9-liter) V8 paired with a 3-speed manual transmission. The 302 was offered for the model years 1969 and 1970 with a 210-horsepower output, while a 4-barrel Boss version was able to develop no less than 290 horsepower. Obviously, this Mustang was born with the 2-barrel configuration, but the working V8 still makes a full restoration much easier. Getting your hands on this Mustang is neither cheap nor easy. Several people have already joined the online auction, and the top bid at the time of writing is getting close to $8,000. With the digital fight scheduled to come to an end in approximately 6 days, there’s a chance the price goes up significantly, especially as more Mustang fans come across the listing. The vehicle is parked in Ontario, New York, if someone wants to check it out in person.