1970 Ford Bronco Camper Is an All-Original Pop-Top Travel Box


Unrestored, first-gen Broncos are desirable by default, and first-year examples cost more than $30,000 in Fair condition. Want a Concours-ready 1966 Bronco? Well, be prepared to pay more than $90,000. But if a plain Bronco doesn’t tickle your fancy, here’s one that’s been transformed into a camper.

Sure, it looks a bit strange on a short-wheelbase SUV like the Bronco, but it’s an exotic take on the hauler. It’s also a rare sight because you won’t find that many Broncos with this configuration out there. The camper box was made by Four Wheel Campers, a company founded in 1972. This basically means that this Bronco was converted at least a couple of years after it left the assembly line.

And in case you’re wondering, Four Wheel Campers is still around and provides various camper conversions for pickup trucks, including a modern iteration of this pop-top box. It’s a clever top that pops up when you need a sleeping compartment but remains low when you need to park the camper in a garage.

Granted, it’s not as practical as a long-wheelbase truck camper or a trailer, but the box itself is slightly longer than the bed, so you get decent room for a weekend in the great outdoors. And it also comes with a rear door, so you don’t have to squeeze through the front seats to get in the back.

The Bronco camper is completely unrestored, but everything appears to be in good shape. Yes, the paint has seen better days, and some areas could use a mild restoration, but it’s ready to go. Actually, the seller says he’s been using it regularly and that it runs and drives well. He does recommend upgrading the power steering and the brakes, but both the cabin and the camper section look decent.

It seems like the previous owners took good care of this truck.

As far as motivation goes, this Bronco packs a 302-cubic-inch (5.0-liter) V8 engine under the hood. Introduced in 1969 and offered until the SUV was redesigned in 1977, the 302 delivered 205 horsepower when new. The owner says it’s the original, numbers-matching unit.

Offered by eBay seller “askforphil,” the Bronco camper comes with a “buy it now” price of $49,999. That’s slightly more than a regular 1970 Bronco in Good condition and around $40K below a Concours-ready example from the same year. Of course, the camper makes it a rare option, so maybe $50,000 isn’t exactly over the top. But that’s the kind of money that would bring you a 2021 Bronco in range-topping Wildtrak trim.