1971 Plymouth Road Runner Sitting for 30 Years Returns with No Rust, Amazing Condition


Getting your hands on a 1971 Road Runner is from the very beginning a very ambitious idea, as Plymouth didn’t make too many of them in the first place. The company produced only 14,218 units for this model year, and out of this output, 554 cars ended up being exported to other markets. Close to 11,700 Road Runners were fitted with the base 383 (6.2-liter) V8, whereas the rarest configuration that collectors would end up spending big bucks on came with a Hemi engine and an automatic transmission. Only 27 such Road Runners ended up seeing the daylight for this model year. The example that we have here, however, isn’t necessarily breathtaking from an engine perspective – though the 383 itself is quite a monster – thanks to its overall shape. Even if the photos shared online by eBay seller princessbroussard25 aren’t necessarily the best, it’s not hard to determine this Road Runner is still in mint condition. There’s absolutely no rust on it, and the matching-numbers unit under the hood is obviously working like on a new car. But what’s actually surprising is how long the vehicle has been sitting lately. The owner explains this Road Runner was parked for over 30 years, so without a doubt, its storage conditions were absolutely perfect. So hats off to whoever took care of this icon, as maintaining such an amazing condition isn’t by any means easy, especially for over three decades. This makes the Plymouth Road Runner quite an expensive car, though there’s no doubt it’ll eventually catch the attention of some wealthy collector out there. Posted on eBay for an online auction, the car won’t sell for less than $60,000, though right now, nobody seems to be willing to offer that much. The auction is projected to expire by the end of this week, so there’s a chance no new owner will be found until then.