1972 Audi 100 Coupé S/GT Restomod Looks like a German Mustang Eleonor


It also looks like a classic sporty coupe, which immediately has you thinking of a front-engine rear-wheel-drive architecture. However, this is Audi, and Audi doesn’t really do RWD. The 100 Coupé made no exception shamelessly using the same front-wheel-drive setup of its sedan counterpart for a less exciting package, but a much more practical one.

We don’t know what it was like back in 1972, but now, the Audi 100 Coupé S is all about the design. The car looks like a mix between the Italian models of the era and the American muscle cars, and even if that description might be pushing it a little, there’s no denying it depicts a car you’d really want to own.

Well, a Swedish guy by the name of Niklas Frisk saw the untapped potential of the 100 Coupé S/GT, and embarked on a long and, we can only imagine costly mission. 5,000 work hours later and this absolute gem of a car emerged, making all the work and sweat more than worth it.

Listing all the modifications would simply take too long, and we would still probably miss quite a few, so we’ll just stick to the most important ones. We’ll start with the engine which has been bored to 2.0-liter, increasing its power output to 136 hp. That’s more than adequate for a car that can’t be weighing over a ton.

Visually, the Coupé S/GT is a collection of parts from various other vehicles, including a motorcycle. Most bits come from Volkswagen models – Golf 1 fenders, Golf 3 brakes and axles – but the gas cap is taken off a Victory Motorcycle. That’s the beauty of restomods – you’re not restricted to the confines of the original model but are free to get creative.

The interior deserves a special mention because it features a lot of custom parts. It even has a modern sound system, but it’s hidden so it won’t take away from the model’s old-timer vibes. It also has a custom air suspension fitted that should give its ride a definite un-1972-like quality, not to mention the possibility to show off.

This Audi and everyone involved in making it happen deserve all the praise they can get, but so does the person behind this video and photoshoot (Auditography). The driving POV scene literally looks dreamy and the lighting in every shot is perfect. If anything, it’s the photo session a car this beautiful deserved, and we’re really happy it happened (especially since it required quite a big logistics effort). Enjoy every second of the clip below and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery as well.