1979 Ford F-250 Is a True Purist Trigger


I am under the impression that people tend to get way too easily offended these days. And I’m not even going to take this outside the automotive realm. You know that if someone is going to perform an engine swap on his car, he’d better be careful about the choices he makes. An engine swap is bound to provoke various kinds of reactions, and not all of them are going to be positive.

If someone is going to build a Ford vehicle, with a GM engine in it, are you going to be offended? Are you going to blame that person for the choice they made? I’ve changed my mind on the topic several times over the past few years. At first, I used to side with the purists. If it’s a Ford vehicle, you should only use a Ford engine in it. That’s what I used to think. Then I realized that there’s a world of possibilities out there if you go beyond that phase.

Popping the hood of a Ford vehicle, only to find out that there’s a non-Ford engine under there seems like an exciting concept. I’m not saying that an LS-swap is the most original idea out there. But it sure is more interesting than having to see another Coyote unit. And I know that purists will disagree. And that’s fine. We are all entitled to an opinion. But I was still shocked to see a wave of angry users commenting on the listing for this 1979 Ford F-250.

This truck seems to have been well taken care of and it pretty much ticks all the restomod features in my book. So what if it has an LS3 engine inside? It all sounds even better knowing that it has been supercharged as well! I wouldn’t be surprised if this puts out more than 600 horsepower to the wheels in its current setup. You’re also getting power steering and brakes in the package, plus an upgraded audio system to enjoy while driving.

A quick look at the odometer reveals a total of 900 miles (1,448 km), which means this is still a fairly new build. You can see this truck up close in Utah, but you should have a solid budget ready for it. With 6 more days to go before the auction is over, the highest bid stands at $27,000. I feel that if it doesn’t go past the $50,000 marker, this F-250 4×4 is going to be quite the bargain!