Medium and Large sedans and wagons may have fallen out of fashion with Australians, but that doesn’t mean their premise is irrelevant

Drive Car of the Year 2021 – Best Medium to Large Car


There’s still a lot to be said about a family sedan, especially one with electric assistance.

Australia’s Medium and large car decline has nothing to do with the quality of the cars in the segment. All three contenders stood up against themselves, and even reminded judges of the flaws that some trendy SUVs inherently have.

All three finalists show that the format can still be cut differently. Everything from economy, performance, and style was addressed by the assembled top three.

In the performance corner sits the newly updated Kia Stinger. Rear-wheel drive and available with a high-performance turbocharged V6 engine, it offers a more engaging take on what is often considered a mundane segment.

In terms of near-premium style, Skoda’s brilliant Superb also made the cut. Offered in wagon and sedan forms, the Czech contender has plenty of clever touches, all designed to help make family life that little bit easier.

Finally, in terms of outright running costs and frugality, Australia’s old favourite made an appearance – the Toyota Camry. Entered into the field was the Ascent Sport Hybrid, which is priced less than $35K. In terms out outright family car bang for your buck, it doesn’t get much better than this.

And the Winner is…

Toyota Camry Hybrid

2021 Drive Car of the Year – Best Medium-to-Large Car

The space, comfort and refinement of a prestige car, wrapped in a great value package. The excellent hybrid drivetrain is simply the cherry on top.

As the prices of Australia’s most-popular vehicle lines rises, the medium and large sedan segments continue to demonstrate good value motoring. When lined up according to driveline and specification, three products remained significantly priced cheaper than comparable SUVs.

Whether you’re interested in a quirky, all-wheel drive wagon, a fire-breathing sports touring sedan, or straight-up honest motoring, there’s still plenty of variety left in the Medium to Large segment. Diversity and value aren’t the only shining reasons to shop here either. In a world where car brands are homogenising their products into slightly tall, high-riding hatchbacks with big wheels, sedans and wagons continue to offer a slice of uniqueness.

Their inherent qualities as appreciated by those who enjoy driving and see it as more than a chore. It pays to be different, and in the case of our winner, handsomely so. Out of the three cars in the class, it offers the best residual value, the most efficient driveline, and the best balance of equipment for the price.

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