2022 Audi e-tron GT Goes on Sale in America, RS Costs $165,000 in the Builder


There are many interesting aspects of e-tron GT ownership, but we’re going to start with the cost. The builder just went live, and as previously announced, a basic model will set you back $99,900, not including shipping.

For that, you get the normal model with an EPA estimated range of 238 miles and 469 horsepower, which turns into 522 hp with Boost Mode activated. But you don’t want a trail-blazing Audi that’s just “fast”, you want the thing that turns heads at the drag strip.

That’s the RS e-tron GT, a twin of the Porsche Taycan Turbo. It’s got the same dual motors and two-speed rear gearbox. Power is slightly down at 590 hp (637 hp with Boost Mode). That will set you back from $139,900, but like with most Audis, there are lots of options to consider.

The first big roadblock in the official Audi builder is the Year One package, a painfully expensive $20,350 option that adds a couple of 21-inch wheel options, ceramic brakes with red calipers, HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light and animation.

Alternatively, the RS e-tron GT can be ordered with a carbon exterior pack or the Fine Leather Interior which includes 18-way sports perforated, massaging, and ventilated seats plus a heated flat-bottom steering wheel. But these two packages and “Year One” are mutually exclusive. the Audi exclusive exterior color pallet can be used to add bright sades of orange or purple, costing $3,900.

So if you go all-in, the RS e-tron GT is 164,150 without the $1,045 destination charge. That’s really expensive, but a fully decked out Porsche Taycan is about $240,000.

Because deliveries started in Germany already, we know that the RS e-tron GT does indeed offer supercar-rivaling performance. You can check out a dynamic walkaround in the video below. Alternatively, here’s a comparison between it and the Taycan.