2022 Ford Bronco Ordering Starts October 13th, MSRP Reportedly Kicks Off at $29,300


The recent 2022 Ford Bronco news galore includes goodies such as the order banks, build & price information, scheduling for production, delivery, and even when to expect some details on the special edition models. First up, the order guides and price lists are already live for Ford dealerships, hence the available PDF file with the MSRP quotations embedded down below.

Next comes – from October 13th – the 2022MY order banks opening, complete with the official Build & Price tool and the availability for online orders. As before, the production timing will depend on various factors: time of reservation, vehicle variant and configuration, part availability, number of orders for that dealer.

2022 model year scheduling has been allegedly programmed to kick off October 28th, followed by the actual production start sometime in December. First deliveries shouldn’t be expected before the first quarter of next year, which is also when details about the upcoming special editions will be provided. These are the good/expected news, as far as we know.

Now, let’s talk about pricing because of course, the MSRPs aren’t identical with 2021MY. Right now, a Base two-door Bronco is listed by the Blue Oval for $28,500, but that ship has already set sail. So, it’s the 2022 Base Bronco that’s important from now on, and that one is reportedly coming with a $29,300 MSRP. Go for the four-door and you’ll shell out at least $33,450.

The same trim count remains in place: Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, and Wildtrak. The latter goes for no less than $47,780/$49,475 at the top of the range. Meanwhile, it’s noticeable that some of the lower grades (Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks) also have the option of intermediate levels, such as Advanced or Mid.