2022 Ford Maverick Changes Allegiance to Nissan, Becomes “Cubrick” the CGI Weirdie


After a lengthy period of missing in CGI action, the virtual artist better known as carfrontswaps on social media has decided to mark the return with something that is not entirely outrageous. Well, it’s not attractive either…

While some automotive pixel masters have an easy time recognizing personal style, others love certain niche aspects of the imagination world, and a few even dare to be as outrageous as possible every time, the subject of face swaps is… Well, controversial, to say the least.

It is also a bit repetitive, since once down this path one can only take a vehicle’s front and adjoin it with the rest of a different model’s body. With so many cars, SUVs, and trucks out there – both old and new – the permutations are probably infinite. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get boring… even for the author.

We have no idea if that was the case with the CGI expert from carfrontswaps but for some reason or the other, he/she took a lengthy vacation from any mashup shenanigans. Now the rest and relaxation period finally seems to be over, as noticed by most of the account’s fans – who eagerly celebrated the long-awaited return.

Frankly, I’m not entirely sure the decision to give us new samples of imagination was cooked up in advance or at a moment’s notice. But the initial digital interplay between Nissan’s subcompact Cube (1998-2019) and Ford’s Maverick unibody compact pickup truck may not be worthwhile. After all, as odd as it may seem, the Cube’s square face integrates a bit too well with the 2022 Maverick’s beefy lines.

It is as if Ford and Nissan decided on a last-minute collaboration and the only available design from the Japanese automaker was of the quirky little load-carrying alternative to Nissan’s Micra supermini. Of course, we can all rest assured this humorously fan-labeled “Cubrick” will forever remain just wishful thinking. But, on the other hand, we are not so sure this pixel master has not ruined the Thanksgiving celebration for 2022 Ford Maverick fans around the world.