2022 Ford Maverick Gets Spotted in the Wild Testing Unattractive Camper Bed Top


When Ford introduced the 2022 Maverick back in early June, it shared a lot of interesting highlights. Such as the dirt-cheap starting MSRP of $19,995, the standard full-hybrid powertrain with an EPA- estimated 40 mpg rating (city), or the traditional durability and payload/towing capacity of a truck. On the other hand, it said nothing about recreational accessories.

Unlike the Bronco family, which signaled from the very beginning it’s going to seek an adventurous life with hundreds of accessories and optional parts, the 2022 Maverick hasn’t gotten such perks. At least not right now. Sure, the Blue Oval did say its bite-sized truck has up to 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) of towing capacity. Which is officially enough to bring a traditional 23-foot camper along for some great summer road trips.

Only that all hints point towards an autumn release of the 2022 Maverick, so Ford probably thought the vacation train will be long passed by the time it has the compact pickup truck on the market. On the other hand, it seems the Blue Oval might prepare something interesting for Maverick aficionados that would serve them well, at least during the weekend getaways.

The “80sAirwaves” channel on YouTube, which is a regular provider of cool shots with the 2022 compact pickup truck rising star, has spotted a decidedly quirky example. The Maverick, seen here in the intermediate XLT trim, looks ready for some quick overlanding thanks to an integrated camper bed top.

Although it would be cool to see the new model getting some recreational accessories, one could argue a little about the “integrated” part. While some of the fans wondered if the camper shell allows access to the rear seats through the rear window, others – us included – have been a little disappointed with the design.

Maybe it’s not final and the unattractive hump will get written off… Or perhaps this is just a render created by someone who is toying with this spotted example – though we’re almost sure this isn’t the case here, unfortunately.