But weight, there’s more…

The upcoming all-electric 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 pick-up will tip the scales at a whopping 4.13 metric tonnes – or 4130kg – when it comes onto the US market in 2022, according to a new report from GMTrucks.com.

For reference, the 2021 Ford Ranger dual-cab ute weighs considerably less than half that at ‘just’ 1866kg, while the Hummer H3 – which became an icon of superfluous American excess when it launched in 2005 – weighs approximately 2100kg.

It’s expected the bulk of the electric vehicle’s mass will come from its mammoth 200kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which is four times the size of that in the standard Tesla Model 3 (50kWh). However, despite this huge power supply, the Hummer’s size and aerodynamic inefficiency means it will only get a slightly longer range than the Tesla (560 kilometres to the Model 3’s 508km).

The next-generation off-roader – which will also be offered as an SUV – was unveiled in 2020 as General Motors’ flagship electric vehicle.

In top spec guise, it sends a combined 735kW/2033Nm to the road via a trio of motors (two at the rear and one on the front axle). This allows the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint to be completed in a claimed 3.0 seconds.

The maximum Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) permitted on a standard driving licence in Australia is 4500kg – therefore, if it were to make its way Down Under, a Hummer EV carrying more than 370kg would require a truck licence.

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