2022 Land Cruiser 300 Fights the Titans: G 63, Patrol, Raptor, Range Rover, and Defender


Not long ago, the all-new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 met its predecessor to make sure no one would miss out on the V8 action on the off-road battlefield. Now the war is expanding to a truly global reach.

Of the premium and luxury variety, of course. The SUV Battle channel on YouTube has decided to see if the 300 series has what it takes not just against its former self (the same J200 from the previous video makes another appearance), but also against very stiff competition.

And we mean that both literally and figuratively because Diyas (our host for the video embedded below) has been choosing among the world’s best. So, the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 has to prove its off-road mettle with help from its new 3.5-liter turbo V6 engine (415 ps/ 409 hp) and factory tires.

First up the obstacle course comes a 2014 Y62 Nissan Patrol motivated by a 5.6-liter engine and 399 horsepower (405 ps), followed by the 2020 Land Cruiser 200 series with its obsolete 4.6-liter V8 and just 304 hp/309 ps. All timestamps are in place in the description, so it’s easy to follow the action.

Still, it’s important to note that Toyota’s LC 300 got double the chances to shine, as it was driven on the obstacle course twice, from the 5:28 and 17:43 marks. Then it’s time for the Land Rover duo to shine, followed by the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 and the outsider in the competition, a mighty 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck.

Once the conclusions are in, it’s about right to find out who got the overall victory. But one important disclaimer before we find out who took the crown: Diyas decided to rule the G 63, Range Rover LWB, and Raptor out of the contest because of their (huge) price disadvantage.

So, the third place went to the Land Cruiser 200, followed by the newer 300 series, and the Patrol tied for second place. Surprisingly or not, the Defender confidently took the victory in the end.