2022 Mercedes-AMG G 63 Pickup Truck Conversion Looks Properly Imposing


Currently available in the guise of a two-row utility vehicle, the Geländewagen can be converted into a pickup truck if you have stacks of euros burning through your pockets. Brabus, for example, offers the 800 Adventure XLP for €575,630 ($653,000 at current exchange rates). MercBenzKing had the opportunity of checking out a G 63-based conversion in Germany, a brand-new truck with fewer than 100 kilometers (62 miles) on the clock and loads of tasteful modifications. Listed by Auto Seredin at €523,600 or $594,000 because it doesn’t feature any engine upgrades, this fellow proudly wears G manufaktur metallic green paint. Merc advertises the color as Periclase Green, with periclase referring to a rare mineral that contains magnesium oxide and iron protoxide. Fitted with AMG-specific wheels mounted with Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-terrain rubber, the XLP in the following video is also gifted with a side-hinged tailgate, bed tire carrier, a powder-coated sport bar, and a beefy-looking roof rack. Further equipped with two red-painted jerry cans that may never be used as intended, the short-boxed G 63 helps its twin-turbo V8 exhale through a set of side-mounted tailpipes. To whom it may concern, the black-finished trailer ball out back isn’t there for show. The dealership mentioned earlier says the XLP is capable of towing up to 3,500 kilograms (7,716 pounds), which is better than Mercedes’ rating for the G 63 in the United States. More specifically, the North American model tows 6,500 pounds (2,948 kilos). Augmented with a small brush guard winch and a different front bumper that integrates an electric winch, the dual-cab pickup conversion brings the point home with front- and rear-facing auxiliary lights. The cabin is pretty much unchanged from the bone-stock model, save for the roof-mounted switches that control the lights and 4,500-kilogram (9,900-pound) winch. Similar to the U.S. model, the Brabus-modified G 63 in MercBenzKing’s video produces 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet (850 Nm) of torque. On full chatter, the gentle giant is capable of hitting 220 kph (136.7 mph).