2022 Nissan Z Sports Car Gets Perfect Widebody Rendering Makeover


The production version of the Nissan Z Proto hasn’t been revealed yet. But it promises to be a delight for tuners and body kit specialists. Hopefully, somebody manages to turn this 3D model into a nice set of bolt-ons.

Recently, we talked about the future of the GT-R project. But if you’re after a fast, sporty Nissan with a twin-turbo V6 engine, what’s wrong with this one? Like the 300ZX, the new Fairlady will have a 3.0-liter, similar to the one you can already get in the Q50.

This will go into a chassis that’s essentially a massaged version of the 370Z, infused with some more modern metals. But it’s the bodywork holding everything together that’s so special.

Nissan has been on a bit of a roll lately with the Frontier pickup and the Rogue crossover. But the Z is cut from a different cloth. It’s got retro vibes for days, simple lines that are easy to follow with just enough elements from its predecessors.

A car like that is usually impossible to tune because modern aero clashes. But what digital artist Rostislav Prokop has done here simply works. His widebody vision of the “400Z” features muscle that extends naturally, like the fender flares of the Audi RS6 or older Porsche 911s.

Besides the fender flares, the Z has been gifted with a deeper nose piece ending with a black spoiler. This echoes the BRE-style race car look for the 240Z. At the back, new exhaust pieces have been integrated into a modern diffuser. Our favorite feature has to be the spoiler over the trunk, which hides inside the black color of the roof.

According to our current info, the Z35 will be known simply as the Nissan Z except for in Japan, where it will retain the Fairlady Z badge. The base model will start from just $35,000, making it the bargain of the century.

However, you’ll probably want the Type S pack with wide wheels, extra cooling and Brembo brakes. For a touch of luxury, the Type T pack is said to have leather heated and cooled seats plus a bunch of safety systems. Of course, dealers will mark this up like there’s no tomorrow.