2022 Nissan Z weight possibly leaked in Gran Turismo 7 game


The new Gran Turismo 7 game may have just outed the weight of Nissan’s revitalised Z sports car – though Nissan in Australia or globally is yet to confirm final figures.


The new 2022 Nissan Z sports car will be marginally heavier than the car it replaces, according to details published in the new Gran Turismo 7 game for the Sony PlayStation.

Now available to PlayStation 4 and 5 players, Gran Turismo 7 – the first new entry in the Gran Turismo franchise in five years – will be the first video game to feature the new Nissan Z sports car in full production form.

While the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine, 298kW/475Nm outputs and the car’s overall dimensions listed are not new, Gran Turismo 7 claims the new Z weighs 1543kg in US-market ‘Performance’ trim – just 13kg heavier than its predecessor, according to GT7’s 1530kg figure for a Japanese-market 2008 370Z.

The figure listed in Gran Turismo contrasts leaked details published online in January, which suggested six-speed manual Z Performance variants sold in Canada would weigh 1604kg, with the automatic adding 30kg.


Keen-eyed readers will note this isn’t the first time a racing video game has supposedly outed leaked specifications for the Nissan Z, as last year Project Cars 2 claimed the Nissan Z Proto – on which the production Z was based – would develop 331kW, and weigh 1475kg.

However, it’s worth noting these figures are believed to have been arbitrary figures created for a concept car, rather than the production model. Gran Turismo games are known to focus on accuracy, too – though Nissan is yet to confirm how much the new Z will weigh.

In Australian-market trim, the final Nissan 370Z variants weighed between 1467kg and 1490kg – indicating the new model is no more than approximately 75kg heavier (assuming the measurements are comparable).

It’s not known if the Gran Turismo figure refers to kerb (with fluids, fuel, and in some cases a driver), or tare weight (without fluids).

Nissan is likely to reveal final weight figures for its new 2022 Nissan Z sports car closer to its Australian launch around the middle of this year. Click here for more details on the model range available locally at launch.

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