2022 Renault Duster Oroch Rumored With 1.3L Turbo Engine and Updated Styling


Over in South America, the Duster Oroch is available solely as a dual-cab pickup truck with 1.6- and 2.0-liter powerplants. Come 2022, the larger of the two free-breathing mills will be allegedly replaced by a turbo four. More specifically, the peeps at Motor1.com Brazil understand that Renault will use the TCe 1.3 flex-fuel engine of the Captur. Shared with the Euro-spec Duster crossover that Dacia manufactures in Romania, the H5Ht with flex-fuel capability makes 170 PS and 270 Nm of torque in the Captur. That’s 168 horsepower and 199 pound-feet (270 Nm), which is pretty alright for a unibody truck of this footprint and weight. Motor1 expects the naturally aspirated 1.6 to soldier on alongside the force-fed powerplant. As for the reason the 1.3-liter turbo will replace the naturally aspirated 2.0, the L-7 emission standards are to blame. To make a long story as short as possible, L-7 emissions standards reduce the diurnal evaporative emission limit from 1.5 to 0.5 grams per test for vehicles that use gas or ethanol. Just like the Brazil-spec Renault Captur, the Duster Oroch with the 1.3-liter turbocharged engine is also expected to feature a continuously variable transmission. The 2022 model isn’t going to benefit from a ground-up redesign according to the cited publication. Renault Argentina president and chief exec Pablo Sibilla made it clear that a replacement for the Duster Oroch will be presented in 2024, most likely for the 2025 model year. Back home in Romania, the Dacia Duster sadly isn’t available as a pickup truck from the factory because the good ol’ panel van reigns supreme in Europe. But on the other hand, Romanian coachbuilder Romturingia converts the budget-oriented crossover utility vehicle into a single-cab truck. Last October, the quirky-looking Duster Pick-Up carried a sticker price of 22,546 euros (then worth $26,748) excluding taxes and optional extras.