2022 Subaru BRZ Notices C8 Success, Morphs Into Mid-Engine Boxer Wonder


Everyone loves a great sports car, even though right now the automotive world is deeply enamored with all things crossover, SUV, and truck-based. So, why not go for the ultimate driver’s configuration?

Some high-performance automakers need wide-bodies, lots of carbon fiber aero bits and pieces, hulking aero wings, as well as hand-made twin-turbocharged V8 engines to make themselves noticed in the sporty crowd.

Others just shell out a couple of affordable cars from a long-running partnership. And in the process take the sports car aficionado segment by storm with low pricing, great maneuverability, a great platform for tuning, as well as the traditional front naturally-aspirated engine plus RWD setup. And people won’t even mind the quirks, such as the boxer arrangement.

Because we mentioned affordability, it’s not a Porsche, of course. So, the only other alternatives are the “Toyobaru” twins. More precisely, in this case, the second-generation Subaru BRZ sibling. And how do you improve upon the recently upgraded architecture from the virtual artist standpoint? Simple, with a technical page taken from the ultra-successful C8 Chevy Corvette book.

As such, the pixel master behind the superrenderscars account on social media has taken the liberty of transforming the BRZ into a little mid-engine gem. It’s kind of odd for a Subaru to come up with this transformation. But let’s remember that it shares the DNA with Toyota’s GR 86, and the latter company once sold the cool little MR2.

Sure, it’s entirely wishful thinking because the format is set in stone – and probably Subaru/Toyota head honchos won’t consider it until they also reach the eighth generation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. Especially about the mountain-carving cornering fun enabled by such a balanced approach.

And we don’t even mind the little 2.4-liter boxer engine would probably feel out of breath as we quickly approach the summit target. But who knows, perhaps those larger side vents are there for a virtual turbocharged purpose.