2023 BMW 7 Series Unofficial Rendering Is As Scary As We Didn’t Want to Imagine


It’s not going to be long before luxury flagship sedans have a new gossip subject. BMW is closing in on the testing procedures for the all-new seventh-generation 7 Series. And it’s rumored that it will be revolutionary across all departments.

Well, it does have all the telltale signs of an authentic revolution at least as far as the design is concerned. Although, if everything pans out as suggested by the latest prototype caught on camera, one can’t describe it as being fresh, pretty, or even innovative.

After all, the 2023 BMW 7 Series caught undergoing performance trials on the Nürburgring sure looks exactly like a Hyundai Kona from the front. Or, for that matter, just like any other model with split-headlight styling. Sure, no one will dare argue with the fact it’s a luxury sedan on “steroids.”

We do not quarrel with BMW’s performance ethos. It’s the company’s design solutions that keep us late at night frightened that many driveways will get stuffed with these automotive versions of the fabled Boogeyman… Anyway, let’s act mature and all. With help from the good folks over at Spain’s Motor, who peeled off the heavy layers of camouflage for an unofficial look at what may come (to haunt us) soon.

Say what you will, but if everything pans out as prototypes suggest it, then no one will be able to say that BMW’s 7 Series won’t stand out in any crowd. For better or worse, that remains to be ascertained. The literal highlight of the new generation will be its split headlight design, which is perhaps used as a ruse to divert attention from the humongous grille.

No one can be sure if everything will work out in BMW’s favor, or the new generation 7 Series will become the banter of Skoda owners… But, honestly, it’s a lot to take in. Not just from the visual standpoint, as one can also be sure that BMW will throw inside every piece of modern technology they have… and then some more.