2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible Spied Alongside Wingless Coupe Sibling


Named after the maneuverable warship, the Corvette started out as a roadster. General Motors introduced a removable hardtop for the 1956 model year, and a fixed-head coupe was released for model year 1963.

Subsequent generations came in both flavors, along with a targa roof that’s marketed as the Coupe for the mid-engined Stingray. The C8 prepares to welcome the Z06 for the 2023 model year on the 26th of October, and obviously enough, GM will offer a retractable hardtop convertible as well.

Captured on camera by none other than Rick Conti, a top-ranking sales rep for the Corvette since 1995, the Z06 Convertible flaunts aero-shaped nacelles influenced by the housing of a jet engine. Also featured on the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle series as well as the Corvette SS and SR2 concepts, these elements reduce the air’s recirculation into the cabin.

It’s hard to notice any substantial difference over the Stingray Convertible, but chances are the main specifications are going to be shared. As a brief refresher, the small block-engined variant is donning a two-piece hardtop that can be activated at up to 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour). Retracting takes 16 seconds, and for the first time in a Corvette, the convertible is powered by electric motors instead of a hydraulic setup.

The composite hardtop was designed to stow underneath the tonneau cover in a heat-shielded compartment. Of course, the divider glass window goes up and down as well. The Stingray Convertible further differs from the targa-topped Coupe in terms of specific tuning for the springs and dampers. Lest we forget, going Convertible also means a slightly higher curb weight.

Spied by Rick Conti alongside a wingless Z06 Coupe, the Z06 Convertible in the following clip features a wing with a couple of wickers on the sides. It’s not the same wing as on the Z51-equipped Stingray or the Stingray’s very own low-profile spoiler, but it definitely fits the overall design of the car.