2023 Maserati GranTurismo Rendering Previews What Should Be a Lovable Discount Ferrari


I’m using past tense here because the GranTurismo was discontinued in 2019 as Maserati began focusing its efforts on other projects. The good news is that a replacement is on its way, and we’ve already seen prototypes undergoing tests on public roads – some of the images were shared by Maserati themselves.

Right off the bat, we could tell that we’re dealing with a brand-new design language, despite some similarities to what was there before. The all-new GranTurismo will feature a more pronounced nose section, smaller headlights, a more sloped, somewhat Fastback-like rear end, plus thinner taillights. The entire vehicle looks smaller than before, which if true, could turn out to be a good thing.

Thanks to those aforementioned prototypes, we now have these unofficial renderings by Kolesa, and some of the features look relatively accurate, like the positioning of the headlights and the actual light unit design. Same goes for the grille. As for the taillights, while they certainly seem to “work”, there’s no telling what sort of graphics they might have.

Now, what doesn’t fit is the hood design, because that midsection isn’t as pronounced as it is on the prototypes. The profile could use more work too, since it still resembles the old GranTurismo a great deal. We know that won’t be the case in real life because of that C-pillar design and how it transitions to the trunk area.

In a nutshell, the real 2023 GranTurismo could be a mix between its predecessor and the Alfieri concept, although the latter definitely committed to a genuine Fastback rear end design. In reality, think more Audi A7 and less Vanquish Zagato Coupe.

As for what it might be like to drive, probably very fun, especially since buyers will likely get to choose between ICE-power and fully electric configurations. The former could be a detuned version of the MC20’s twin turbo V6 engine, which in turn could mean 600 hp or so.