2023 Tesla Cybertruck to spawn Toyota HiLux rival – report


Tesla will reportedly offer its Cybertruck electric pick-up in two sizes, both due for unveiling in March with significant design changes compared to the concept shown in 2019, according to a new overseas report.


The full-size Tesla Cybertruck has reportedly been delayed until early 2023 – but the electric ute may be offered with a choice of two body sizes, including one positioned closer to Australia’s top-selling Toyota HiLux, according to an overseas report.

Industry analyst Trip Chowdry at investor research firm Global Equities Research claims Tesla is “expected” to be preparing two versions of its upcoming Cybertruck electric pick-up – one of which is said to be “15 to 20 per cent smaller” than the full-size model, derived from the show car revealed in November 2019.

The report suggests the smaller Cybertruck model would measure in at between 4700mm and 5000mm long, and between 1620mm and 1720mm wide – making it smaller than Australia’s top-selling Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger, which measure approximately 5300mm long and 1850mm wide.

For comparison, the ‘original’ Tesla Cybertruck concept revealed two years ago is designed to slot between full-size US pick-ups – including the Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – and their even-larger heavy-duty ‘2500’ counterparts, measuring in at 5885mm long, 2027mm wide and 1905mm high.

The new report is not the first time a smaller companion to the Cybertruck has been rumoured, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at the opportunity for such a model in 2020: “We’ll probably make an international version that’s smaller. It will still be [cool], it will just be smaller, because you can’t just make a giant truck like that for international markets.”

Analyst Trip Chowdhry also claims the smaller Cybertruck will be revealed alongside an updated version of the full-size variant at a virtual event in March 2022, with both vehicles to carry “significant tweaks” to their designs compared to the concept shown in late 2019.

It’s unclear just how “significant” the changes will be.

A near-production version of the full-size Cybertruck was spotted testing in October 2021, with revised proportions, different headlight units and the addition of side mirrors – but the 2019 show car’s controversial angular styling and ‘exoskeleton’ bodywork appeared to be all but unchanged.

Above: A near-production Cybertruck, spotted last year.

News agency Reuters claims (via an inside source) that production of the full-size Cybertruck has been delayed until early 2023, as the company “[changes] features and functions … to make a compelling product as competition heats up in the segment.”

While Tesla was one of the first to reveal a full-size electric pick-up in late 2019, the last two years have seen the unveiling of rivals from the ‘Big Three’ US pick-up makers Ford, Chevrolet (General Motors) and Ram, in addition to the revival of the Hummer brand, and the market launch of start-up Rivian’s R1T.

The Cybertruck’s new early 2023 launch timing – more than a year after production was initially slated to commence, in late 2021 – will see it go on sale a year after the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T, nine months after the Ford F-150 Lightning, and within weeks of the Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Late last year pricing and specification details were removed from the Tesla Cybertruck configurator, followed by mention of a 2022 launch date – setting the stage for the market launch of an overhauled Cybertruck in 2023, with different specifications to those revealed two years ago.


CEO Elon Musk announced in December the first Cybertrucks to roll off the Texas, USA production line will offer four electric motors, rather than the three motors initially confirmed for the flagship variant in 2019.

Details of the updated full-size Tesla Cybertruck – as well as its smaller companion – are set to be announced at an event in March 2022, rather than Tesla’s upcoming 2021 financial earnings report call, scheduled for January 26 (US time).

While the full-size Cybertruck is now slated for launch in early 2023, it’s not clear if the smaller variant will go on sale simultaneously, or will follow at a later date.

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