2026 Lotus Type 135 Will Be the Elise’s Electric Successor, Has Big Shoes to Fill


A day will come when Lotus will only build electric vehicles. That day is not as far, as five years will pass with a few deep breaths. Once that happens, Lotus will offer an electric successor of the Elise, which is supposed to feel just like its combustion-engined ancestor.

We already know that Lotus will launch several electric vehicles starting 2026, including an SUV, a four-door coupe, and a crossover. Before those three, the British marque owned by Geely will launch an electric sports car, which is referred to as the Type 135.

You have read about the Type 135 before, but the Brits at Autocar have spoken with Lotus representatives on the matter of this electric sports car, and it appears that the model will have a low seating position to resemble the Elise in that aspect.

With that in mind, where do the batteries go? Lotus seems to have figured it out, as the company wants to fit the batteries behind the seats, which should emulate the feeling and behavior of a mid-engined car when the balance is concerned.

The Type 135 will be the first Lotus to use the new platform of the company, dubbed E-Sports, which is developed from Project LEVA. The latter is an acronym for Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture, and it is supposed to deliver a structure that is 37 percent lighter than the one employed on the Emira.

The Lotus brand is renowned for its expertise in cutting weight and improving performance, so expectations are high. Unfortunately for fans with a budget, the future electric sports car from Lotus will not be as affordable as the Elise was.

The roadster’s successor will have a platform that will be available in single-motor or twin-motor configurations. The latter would also support all-wheel drive, but do not count on the Type 135 to have it from day one.

However, the new platform is reportedly capable of handling between 475 and 884 horsepower. That is a lot more power than the most powerful Elise ever made, which would bring the electric future of the brand with compelling performance if the British marque manages to perform miracles with the weight of its electric roadster.