3D-Printed Homes in Austin Make the Texas Real Estate Market Hotter Than Ever


The Texas real estate marketing is evolving, bringing a modern type of architecture to East Austin. 3D-printed homes are in high demand over there, offering a modern design backed up by more resilient, energy-efficient building technologies.

Real estate developer 3Strands aims to solve the supply issue that feeds the housing crisis in the U.S. by pushing the boundaries of technologies. The multi-home mainstream housing development on East 17th Street is the result of its efforts, with four homes that were built using ICON’s 3D printing technologies.

All houses were designed by Logan Architecture and their first floor is 3D printed with ICON’s Vulcan system. It’s an 11.5-ft (3.5 m) tall machine that uses a very strong material called Lavacrete, a type of polymer concrete. Vulcan is capable of 3D printing homes and structures up to 3,000 square feet (279 sq meters) in size.

ICON boasts of the material being a very resilient one, making their homes much more durable than traditionally-built ones. Think of ICON’s 3D printed homes as a modern version of the third pig’s house, where the wolf can’t get in. The company claims their constructions are designed to withstand fire, wind, and flood better than conventional homes, which is definitely good news with all that’s going on in the world lately, natural disaster-wise.

According to Gary O’Dell, CEO of 3Strands, the company has been overwhelmed by initial buyer demand for their new housing development. Two of the homes sold within days of their listing, back in spring.

All four homes feature a minimalist bespoke interior design created by Claire Zinnecker Design. They all come with covered parking, a large front porch, vaulted master bedrooms, large windows that face North, and open concept floor plans.

Zinnecker wanted to still keep the Texas design alive but tweak it to give it a more modern look. The homes feature natural woods, earthy tile colors, and metal finishes.