574-foot Acionna Mega-Yacht Dwarves Ports, Towns, and Will Be Hydrogen-Powered


One dream that billionaires can have, is the Acionna mega-yacht, a 175-meter (574-foot) vessel Andy Waugh Yacht Design, a design house out of the United Kingdom that’s been around since 2008, time in which eight superyacht projects have been completed with another two underway. With a focus on “sophisticated simplicity,” each vessel aims to be considered a “design classic.” Looking at the Acionna, both previously mentioned goals seem to have been completed with success.

As mentioned, this yacht is big, really big. Heck it’s almost two football fields in length and with enough space to probably set up an actual football field if you wanted to. Overall, the ship includes eight decks upon which to unfurl your relaxing activities or simply party it up.

One major point of focus for this ship is its exterior design. Made to be an eye-catching feat of engineering, the sheer size of the ship allows the designer to unfurl the limits of his design creativity, in the process, giving rise to long fluid decks and a superstructure that seems to be never-ending. Those ‘arrowheads’ that can be seen near midship can also be activated as to create external floating platforms, perfect for sightseeing whenever you explore ice-shelfs and Caribbean islands.

Even though the ship is just a concept, the designer still offers a few ideas to future owners as to what sort of activities and spaces can be developed inside. One feature to help you show the world your financial status is with a helicopter pad and hangar. That alone seems enough to send a message, but it’s only the beginning.

Aside from the fact that any concept is ultimately in the hands of its future owner, the interior of the Acionna can also be equipped with a full-size squash court, 20-meter (66-foot) indoor pool, spa services, and even a garage, no, not just a tender garage, but a supercar garage as well. Several other pools are also linked together and flow into one another over multiple decks. Owners can even go as far as to include waterfalls. Don’t bother looking for images of an interior as the designer hasn’t included any; this is ultimately in the hands of an eventual owner.

One other detail which the design studio has taken into consideration is the propulsion system. Unlike traditional superyachts, the Acionna is created around hydrogen drive. With this in mind, Waugh plans to create a “zero impact” vessel as it’s meant to travel the seven seas.

But, according to the designer’s website, there is a problem with vessels this large and the ability to use hydrogen, the lack of a stable supply chain. It seems that too few of companies offer a hydrogen supply large enough to run a 574-foot ship around the world. Solution? Find a way to fuel the Acionna with its own hydrogen-capturing drivetrain.

However, there is one thing I would like to add to this ship’s design. Because of the long sweeping decks and superstructure, I think that this mega-yacht could very easily use solar power to supplement any other propulsion system that may be found aboard.

At this time, the price for something like this has not been mentioned. Honestly, there’s really no way to even gauge how much this ship would cost because people have some very extravagant tastes. But based on previous superyacht designs, future owners should have a pocket with at least $300 million. If you had this sort of cash, would you commission something like this?