850-HP Datsun 240Z with Widebody Kit Isn’t Your Average Z-Car, Goes Drag Racing


One of the most desirable Japanese classics, the Datsun 240Z debuted in 1969 with a stylish GT body and a decently powerful four-cylinder engine. The design soldiered on through 1983 with various upgrades to its design and powertrain and with “260Z” and “280Z” badges.

The early 240Z is obviously the most desirable iteration of the first-gen Z-Car, with mint-condition examples usually going for more than $200,000 at public auctions. But not everyone wants to keep their 240Zs in original specification. Someone has taken the long road to turn a 240Z into a modern supercar and the result is downright dramatic.

Built by LCE Performance, this Z-Car now sports a Rocket Bunny widebody kit with extended bumpers, a big rear spoiler, and massive extensions attached to the front and rear fenders. It also rides lower than usual, but it’s the perfect stance for such a wide car. More importantly, it packs a whopping 850 horsepower under the hood.

There’s no info as to what lurks between the front wheels, but it’s safe to say that this 240Z no longer sports an early 1970s four-cylinder engine. Is it a V6 or a V8 with a pair of massive turbochargers? It doesn’t really matter. This thing is probably the most potent 240Z out there and it’s fast enough to run the half-mile in 17 seconds. Just for kicks, the stock 1970 240Z needed almost 17 clicks to complete half the distance.

This widebody Datsun attended the last Race1000 event in Germany and lined up against a couple of beefed-up modern cars for half-mile pulls. It takes on a tuned-up BMW M140i in the first race and, despite a slower start, it takes a comfortable win with a 17.3-second run at 246 kph.

The second drag race sees the 240Z go against a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door with 800 horsepower. The Japanese coupe is again off to a slow start and loses a bit of traction early in the race. The AWD system helps the Merc retain its lead to the finish line for a 16.7-second sprint. But even though it loses the race, the 240Z scores a 17-second run, which means that without traction issues it could dip well into the 16s.

Check out both races in the video below and tell me this isn’t the wildest Datsun 240Z you’ve ever seen.