8K-Mile 1976 Honda CB750F Super Sport Awakens After Three Decades of Hibernation


It’s great to see that someone cared to resurrect this thing after it had lain dormant for 34 years.

When the CB750 made its bewildering debut back in 1969, it was a machine unlike any other. But, despite the creature’s initial success, it wasn’t long until Honda’s competitors started giving the four-banger a run for its money. In addition, the 1973 oil crisis forced many automotive manufacturers to sacrifice horsepower in favor of fuel efficiency to make matters even more complicated.

As such, the bike saw a fairly significant power reduction by the mid-seventies, but Honda wasn’t going to call it quits just yet. To continue the CB750 heritage, the House of Tokyo introduced a redesigned iteration to the lineup in 1975, namely the CB750F Super Sport. Without further ado, we’re thrilled to inform you that one such entity is currently up for grabs at no reserve on Bring A Trailer.

To be precise, what we’re looking at here is a 1976 variant that’s been kept in storage for the past 34 years. The old-school jewel features a modern battery and upgraded fuel lines, while its clutch mechanism, carbs and brakes have all been rebuilt under current ownership. Moreover, the fiend’s five-digit analog odometer indicates that it’s only been ridden for about 8k miles (13,000 km).

Besides the aforementioned adjustments, this CB750F retains its stock configuration. It is put in motion thanks to an air-cooled 736cc inline-four powerplant, which packs a single overhead camshaft, four Keihin carburetors and a compression ratio of 9.2:1. When the crank spins at 8,000 revs per minute, a peak horsepower figure of 58 ponies will be fed to a five-speed gearbox.

Upon reaching the rear 18-inch wheel, the oomph enables Honda’s samurai to reach a top speed of 114 mph (183 kph). In conclusion, we’ll have you know the BaT auction will be open until Thursday afternoon (September 30), and you’d need a little over 1,500 bucks to become the top bidder. To be frank, we think you’ve got plenty of reasons to check it out while there’s still time.