8K-Mile 2018 BMW S 1000 R Comes With Premium Dash Cams and Bridgestone Sneakers


The brutal sound of that Akrapovic exhaust is music to any petrolhead’s ears.

With its lightweight construction and brutal power output figures, the 2018 BMW S 1000 R is an absolute speed demon. This bad boy is put in motion by a liquid-cooled 999cc inline-four juggernaut that packs dual overhead cams, four titanium valves per cylinder, and a healthy compression ratio of no less than 12.1:1.

At a whopping 11,000 spins per minute, the engine will deliver 165 wicked horses to a six-speed constant-mesh transmission, which is paired with a chain final drive. On the other hand, a brutal torque output of 84 pound-feet (114 Nm) will be supplied at approximately 9,250 revs.

Upon reaching the rear cast alloy wheel, this ungodly force enabled the Beemer to run the quarter-mile distance in as little as 10.4 numbing seconds. Furthermore, its top speed is generously rated at 161 mph (260 kph). The powertrain componentry is hugged by an aluminum twin-spar skeleton, resting on 46 mm (1.8 inches) upside-down forks and a fully-adjustable monoshock from Sachs.

At the front, stopping power hails from dual 320 mm (12.6 inches) discs and radially mounted four-piston Brembo calipers, while the rear hoop is brought to a halt thanks to a 220 mm (8.7 inches) brake rotor and a single-piston floating caliper. This particular S 1000 R also sports a pair of aftermarket dash cameras, OEM-spec accessories and a top-grade Yoshimura tail tidy, as well as grippy Bridgestone tires.

Additionally, the bike’s digital odometer tells us that it’s only been ridden for about 8,600 miles (14,000 km), so we dare say this machine is practically as good as new. Without going into any other details, we’ll have you know the 2018 MY Bavarian is currently up for grabs on Iconic Motorbike Auctions! At this time, we are yet to see an opening bid for Motorrad’s mechanical spartan, and you’ve got until Thursday (October 14) to submit yours.