911 GT3, Coulthard, Webber Help Tom Cruise Ease the Wait Until Top Gun 2 Is Out


Because of you know who, our world has been left almost standing still (figuratively speaking) for more than a year and a half. But with each passing day, normal life is beginning to unfold. So, we now have people in attendance at Formula One events. Including big movie stars like Tom Cruise, in the case of the Lewis Hamilton-won 2021 British Grand Prix.

Many of his fans (along with the tabloids) noticed his cheerful oversight during the past weekend. But, as it turns out, he wasn’t there just for fun. He was also present for a little side business. Which, in his line of work, almost every time equates with even more fun… alongside other VIPs.

And, because it was a racing event, those stars that worked with Tom Cruise were none other than David Coulthard (aka DC) and Mark Webber… as well as a trio of Porsche 911s in stock GT3 configuration, not the subtle Touring one.

This time around, it wasn’t a time for pleasantries or subtleties. Instead, it was a time for all-out Top Gun madness. Even though we are dealing with a land-based promotional stunt, somehow the creators managed to get us hooked as if we’re watching a sky-high dogfight. Sure, it sounds a lot like marketing gibberish when I write that down. But I promise no one will be left disappointed.

Not the 1980s aviation enthusiasts, not the 21st-century automotive aficionados, and not even the Tom Cruise fans. Oh, and bonus points to DC and Mark Webber, as well as Porsche, for indulging in this guilty pleasure. It’s basically the best promotional stunt (video embedded below) I have seen this year so far. And the visuals, audio, as well as spoken references are top-notch (pun intended).

Now, let’s get over the fact that UK’s Channel 4 was the one that ordered this little encounter ahead of the recent Formula One British Grand Prix… and let’s just treat it like a cool short film that might ease the wait until Top Gun: Maverick finally hits theaters and cinemas on November 19, 2021.