948-Mile Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE Emerges at Auction, Looks Downright Seductive


The Italian manufacturer blessed us with dozens of bewitching bikes over the years, but few are as dazzling as this two-wheeled tribute.

About fifteen years ago, Ducati unleashed what many would consider to be one of the sexiest machines designed by Pierre Terblanche – the 2006 Paul Smart 1000 LE. This graceful piece of Italian machinery was brought into existence to commemorate Smart’s triumphant performance at the 1972 Imola 200 race.

Bologna’s gladiator underwent a production run of only 2,000 copies, making it a highly desirable rarity for any true Ducatista you’ll encounter. It comes with a fierce 992cc L-twin engine that’s good for up to 92 untamed ponies and 67 pound-feet (91 Nm) of twist at optimal rpm. The Duc is fully capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph (0-100 kph) in a remarkable 3.1 seconds, while top speed is rated at 135 mph (217 kph).

Sprinkle that with Brembo brakes, drool-worthy cosmetics and top-shelf suspension goodies from Ohlins, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a bike! Long story short, there’s absolutely no shortage of things to love about this two-wheeled stallion, so you’ll be thrilled to learn that one such entity could end up in your garage.

What you’re seeing in this article’s photo gallery is an unblemished Paul Smart 1000 LE that’s been ridden for as little as 948 miles (about 1,500 km). Moreover, we’re immediately greeted by a pair of Ducati Performance lower fairings and an aftermarket exhaust that looks arguably neater than the stock module, as well as an open clutch cover and stainless-steel bar-end mirrors.

For an ultra-tidy appearance, a dual-function LED lighting strip keeps the rear end free of any dreaded clutter. Submitting your bids for this limited-edition treasure will be possible until August 6, when the BaT (Bring A Trailer) auction will end. At this time, the top bid is placed at $9,160, but we’re expecting to see that figure surge over the next couple of days.