A Fast Grey Wagon That’s Not An Audi? That Would Be Peugeot’s 508 PSE


Peugeot just released their most powerful production car yet. Not quite the statement of the century, but it is significant, in part because it isn’t yet another over-the-line hunky SUV but a wagon/estate/tourer/sport wagon — whatever you want to call it.

Peugeot calls it the 508 PSE Hybrid4 360 e-EAT8 4WD. The broad strokes are that it’s a plugin hybrid station wagon with plenty of punch. The French have seemingly decided not to throw all the eggs into the crossover/SUV basket, and have instead given us a tasty tourer that might just be a genuine alternative to the likes of Audi and Mercedes. The latter rule the roost in this body style, so the bar has been set pretty high.

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Peugeot has made sure not to build just any old boring wagon with a little extra power.

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