A photo of an Aston Martin Valkyrie with a crazy aero kit appeared on the web


An insider posted a photo of the British hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie with a crazy aero kit. The Internet resource on which this photo was published ceased to exist after some time.

It looks like a new Aston Martin Valkyrie is on the horizon. The whistleblower sent in a screenshot of Aston Martin’s web page showing a never-before-seen variant of the Valkyrie under the heading “Confidential”. It looks like Aston has left the upcoming Valkyrie model available to the public via the not-so-private “Private Area” URL. The screenshot shows a modified Valkyrie with more aggressive aerodynamic elements we’ve never seen before.

An unidentified source said this new variant of the British Valkyrie will be unveiled later this year.

The publication turned to Aston for comment about the car, although it received the standard response that the company does not make assumptions about future products. The url doesn’t work anymore either. A shorter bonnet leading to the windshield is worth noting. This, along with the larger wing cutouts, creates the illusion of taller wings.

The front has a new splitter with a narrower set of attachment points extending from the Valkyrie’s leading edge. It has a unique shape that mimics the rear end where the hypercar has a really wild wing. It, like a pair of wings, emerges from the central support legs, dropping around the wings to the ground, creating a spectacular appearance. The windshield also looks taller, although this is most likely the result of a lowered front end.

Aston first unveiled its hypercar back in 2017, and deliveries should begin around now if the company meets the February deadline. The new Valkyrie even looks different than the more popular AMR Pro variant, thanks to numerous design changes that make it far more aggressive than any Valkyrie we’ve seen before. Hopefully we learn more about the mysterious hypercar before 2022.

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