A prototype of a powerful coupe BMW M4 CSL was spotted on tests


On the Nürburgring race track, a prototype of the powerful BMW M4 coupe in an even faster CSL version is spotted. The body of the novelty is all covered with camouflage.

After the first tests on public roads, the hotter BMW M4 is sent to the Nürburgring for speed tests. The new video captures a sports coupe racing at high speed on a legendary track and showing great potential.

This is a different prototype from what we saw last month, although it is still covered in camouflage wrap. It’s hard to see some of the exterior details, but this video gives a very good idea of ​​the overall styling of the M4 CSL (name unconfirmed). At some point in the first half of the video, the test car easily overtakes the yellow BMW M3.

According to preliminary information, BMW will focus its efforts on reducing the weight of new items, trying to get rid of all unnecessary.

The lightest current version of the model weighs 1,674 kg, which means a lot of potential to reduce these figures and increase vehicle speed without significantly increasing power.

Previously, there were rumors that the M4 CSL could be offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, but from what we can hear in this video, this prototype probably has an automatic transmission. Regardless of what BMW decides, we expect some of the high-performance coupe’s luxury features in the cabin to be removed in an effort to reduce weight. As for the 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, we don’t expect a significant increase in power beyond the already impressive 503 horsepower in the existing M4 Competition.

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