A very rare Volkswagen Passat wagon with a W8 engine is being sold in the USA


The auction was organized by the Cars & Bids online platform. The bet on this 2003 wagon is now just over $ 14,200, despite its rarity. The car was equipped with an experimental W8 engine and manual transmission.

In the USA, a rare Volkswagen Passat station wagon with a W8 engine was put up for sale. In total, about a hundred of these cars were sold in the American car market at one time. The owner paid $ 40,775 for the new car.

The station wagon boasted a sports suspension, leather interior, power seats and modern acoustics. The owner himself tinted the windows and installed a K&N air filter.

You can get a rare station wagon for only $ 14,200. Such a modest price tag is due to the high mileage – about 197,500 kilometers, as well as traces of corrosion and dents on the body. All in all, Passat has changed two owners.

The station wagon got a 275-horsepower four-liter W8, made from a pair of V4 blocks, two timing chain drives and four camshafts.

We will remind, earlier our portal told that the new Volkswagen Passat will cease to be a sedan. The automaker will turn it into a practical wagon with a hybrid powertrain.