Abarth Will Build Five Units of the Alfa-Romeo-4C-Based Abarth 1000 SP


On May 15, 2021, Abarth revealed that it had created an extraordinary car. Using an Alfa Romeo 4C as its base, the Italian brand came up with a new generation of the Abarth 1000 SP (Sports Prototype), a car built in 1966 that won many competitions. Now Auto Italia Magazine discovered that people would be able to buy at least five of them. Our British colleagues obtained the information in an interview with Roberto Giolito, head of FCA Heritage and designer of the Abarth 1000 SP with Ruben Wainberg. Each unit will cost around £170,000 ($228,463 at the current exchange rate). It is not clear if the Abarth 1000 SP will be exclusively a track beast or if people will be able to register it and drive it on public roads. That will only be revealed when Auto Italia Magazine publishes its February 2022 issue. Luckily, it will already be up for sale on January 6. Sadly, that is only valid for British readers. If you think that Abarth is just using what Alfa Romeo did with the 4C and changing its appearance, you are very wrong. According to Abarth, the 4C was supposed to be a joint project with the Abarth 1000 SP. The work started in 2009. While Alfa Romeo managed to reveal the 4C Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and the production version two years after that, the Abarth 1000 SP did not go beyond the draft stage until 2021. By then, Giolito managed to materialize what was considered a one-off vehicle. Little did everybody know that the idea was to get this machine produced and sold, even if in limited numbers. If the car retains the technical specifications revealed by Abarth in May, it will be powered by the turbocharged 1.75-liter four-cylinder engine that the 4C also had. Power is the same: 237 hp (177 kW). The Abarth 1000 SP is supposed to be more straight-to-the-point than the 4C. Ironically, it may be heavier than the Alfa Romeo: 1,074 kilograms (2,367.8 pounds) of dry weight, while 4C’s was 895 kg (1,973 lb). We’ll check if Abarth achieves better numbers than those. The good news is that we’ll have a new Abarth soon if Stellantis confirms what Auto Italia revealed. EXCLUSIVE! Abarth 1000 SP Gets Green Light Five examples of Abarth’s proto-Alfa 4C will be built. For the full story/exclusive interview with Roberto Giolito, Head of FCA Heritage and designer of the Abarth 1000 SP, read the February 2022 issue of Auto Italia, on sale 6 January. — Auto Italia Magazine (@AutoItaliaMag) December 28, 2021