Ace Combat 7 Online: MiG-21bis Battles F-22 Raptor, Result May Surprise You


In real life, any conflict between the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis and the Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor has dire ramifications outside of being a cool what-if plane vs. plane scenario. So, probably best to keep the David vs. Goliath match the world of digital TV doohickeys.

Ace Combat 7’s multiplayer is loved by some and hated by those who aren’t skilled enough, not least because of the constant agonizing incoming-missile, tone-warnings. But this in-game dogfight uploaded to Youtube by the channel TitanxRaven Gaming pits the pride of the Soviet Air Force against the pound-for-pound best fifth-generation fighter in the sky. Of course, this battle takes place in the Ace Combat universe, known as Strangereal, so the two jets swap their native color schemes for proprietary game-appropriate attire.

On paper, this shouldn’t be a fair fight. The twin-engined Raptor is faster, and thanks to advanced thrust-vectoring technology, it’s also every bit as maneuverable as the small, light MiG. But the MiG has one ace in the hole, wing-mounted cannons. Your argument is invalid. In what appears to be a very typical team deathmatch, these two titans collide in a way that, at least to date, has yet to happen in real life.

There’s turning, rolling, diving, and all the things that make for a great Iron Maiden song on display here. Both aircraft demonstrate why they’re praised in the real world, albeit for very different and valid reasons. The fast-paced gameplay of Ace Combat makes for a viewing that’s more than a little entertaining. We can only hope the player used the AC7’s VR function during the match. That sounds like a fantastic experience.

The two prized jets inched closer and closer to each other in a display that looked more like two birds dancing than a dogfight. In a split-second move, the MiG darts into the Raptor’s left-hand turn. With a missile shot and a burst of cannon fire, the Raptor explodes in defeat. So much for stealth technology.