Ace Combat 7: Secret Cabal of Modders Give Players Access to NPC Planes and So Much More


The most fantastic aspect of most any triple-a PC game worth talking about is often not anything to do with the file you buy when you purchase the game. It’s all about what you can do to mold the game into whatever you please once you have said game file. Ace Combat 7 may not be on that list of all-time modding greats with Grand Theft Auto or Arma yet. But if one YouTube gets their way with things, it may one day ascend into those ranks. Meet Blazededge RZ or Blaze if you prefer. Ace Combat 7 modding extraordinaire. He’s the mastermind behind some hilarious AC7 clips that definitely didn’t occur as Project Aces intended. We’re talking cargo planes dogfighting instead of fighter jets and A-10s with afterburners, some very dank memes indeed. Now, he’s ready to spread his creations to the gaming masses. Say hello to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unencrypted, the unofficial mod pack for PC. Don’t be fooled, though. The fun isn’t limited just to cut scenes. Blaze can make typically non-playable aircraft suddenly selectable by replacing aircraft asset files with ones of his own creation. The end result is a B-1 Lancer blasting through the underground space elevator tunnels of the final mission, variable-geometry wings very much operational, for example. You can even replace aircraft file assets with ones of your own to get the latest jets into the game. But that’s just a small piece of what we’ve seen so far. Other goodies in the mod pack include post-stall manuver capability for all flyable aircraft and specialty multiplayer matches in the famous Selatupura map from the iconic final mission. There are also new sound and visual effects galore. It makes for a package that may make you think about re-installing AC7 for the first time since the expansion DLC missions started to get boring. For the folks that believe PC multiplayer mods take away from the purity of the gameplay, Blaze has three words for you, “cope and seethe.” He makes it very clear his unveiling video on YouTube that he isn’t interested in the opinions of killjoys. AC7 multiplayer could use an adrenaline boost or two to remain relevant, to his credit. Blaze takes this opportunity to tell us how none of his work could be possible without his team of collaborators, a team called “The Secret Modding Cabal.” Whether Skies Unencrypted will provide this shock to the system the game needs or not remains to be seen. Still, there’s more than enough reason to be excited. Check back for updates on the project’s release and video game content right here on autoevolution.