All-Original 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Doesn’t Deserve to Become a Rust Bucket


The Impala was Chevrolet’s big star during the ‘60s, and since the GM brand tried to make the most of this model’s momentum, other lineups more or less became second-class citizens of its empire. The Chevelle is one such example. Chevrolet built a little over 370,000 units for the model year 1964 at a time when the Impala was getting close to 1 million cars. The Chevelle, however, was just enjoying its time on the market, and its fanbase was gradually growing, particularly thanks to the V8 and SS models. The Chevelle SS that we have here is one of the 1964 models that contributed to the success the entire lineup ended up recording. It’s not hard to figure out the vehicle is far from the condition it was born with. It’s a project car, after all, though, at first glance, it looks to be a very solid candidate for a restoration, especially because it’s an all-original example. eBay seller southsi_24 therefore guarantees the car has never been molested in any way, so if you were looking for an unrestored 1964 Chevelle SS that still has everything original, this is it. Sitting for several years, the car is still fitted with a 327 (5.3-liter) V8 under the hood, though very little is known about its current condition. The seller says the car was running and driving before getting parked, so in theory, there’s hope the engine is still working today. Other than that, this Chevelle exhibits the typical problems you’d expect to find a car this old and sitting around in someone’s yard. It clearly needs help to avoid the rust bucket condition, and a full restoration right now seems to be the best way to go. Fortunately, there’s a chance this Chevelle SS can be had for a rather low price. The bidding starts at $2,000, and given it’s a no-reserve auction, whoever sends the top offer can take the car home.