All-Original 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Flexes Rare Transmission, Runs Like a New Car


Chevrolet produced a little over 46,500 Corvettes for the model year 1976, with the new lineup therefore becoming even more successful than its 1969 predecessor. The ’76 Corvette was available with either a manual transmission or an automatic version, and needless to say, most units ended up being fitted with the latter. The official statistics indicate that over 36,500 Corvettes built during this model year came with the Turbo Hydra-Matic installed from the factory. On the other hand, only a little over 2,000 units rolled off the assembly line with a manual transmission, and this piece of equipment makes these Corvettes some of the most sought-after today. If you’re in the market looking for such a rare configuration, the coupe that we have here is pretty much the closest you can get to the original 1976 Corvette. It’s pretty easy to tell from the photos shared online by eBay seller l.amotors that the car comes in a super-impressive condition. Whoever took care of this car obviously did an amazing job, so it now needs only small TLC here and there. It comes with new bumpers, so you should be able to get it back to a perfect 10 shape quite easily. Everything on this Corvette sounds impressive. The seller guarantees the car is 100 percent original, and the standard L48 engine in charge of moving the car back in 1976 is still there. It’s running and driving properly, and as said, it’s paired with the 4-speed manual transmission known as code M21. The odometer indicates 68,000 miles (about 109,000 km), and just as expected, they are all original. The bidding wars for this rare Corvette started earlier this week, and since then, 14 people have already joined the fight. The top bid at the time of writing is a little over $4,000, and given it’s a no-reserve auction, whoever sends the highest offer can take the car home and give it the refresh it totally deserves.